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The intent of is to provide information to our communities. It is intended to be a resource that families and communities can use on a daily basis, which includes:

local news, upcoming events, places to visit, local sales, community entertainment, and parent and family resources.

This website is in no way shape or form a comprehensive guide to all of Kitsap’s resources. does not claim to post all factual knowledge  in its entirety. It is solely subjective with a goal to capture complete honesty and to record information on a factual concrete foundation.

Continuing on with that in mind, I would like to welcome everyone to explore and discover all of its wonderful assets! There is so much potential that lies ahead and I invite you all to enjoy the ride and watch as this website continues to grow and develop month after month. I have many ideas that I are still evolving and haven’t yet emerged. Until then, I am happy to accept appropriate suggestions and constructive feedback that lends to a greater website and rich community value. I genuinely wish that Kitsap citizens enjoy this website. I am excited to see where our communities go! 🙂

And now, for the nitty gritty rules…


Utmost respect, positive attitudes, wholesome behavior, NO vulgarity, NO inappropriate language.

This website is a family location; PLEASE BE NICE AND MIND YOUR MANNERS.

CLASSIFIEDS:  If you plan on using the Classifieds, use common sense. Nothing inappropriate. You are contributing to the community. Nothing but tact, respect, and reasonability will be demanded.

THIS WEBSITE:  Comments, posts, ads, etc. are ALL monitored. Your unwanted demeanor will be removed and you may ultimately never be allowed to post on again.

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